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Let your office staff assist you in running your business smoothly and attending to your patients.  And let us get you paid.

Working hard, so you get paid.

Clean Claim MD was founded out of frustration by owner, Kelly Stahl. She became increasing aggitated by other billing companies hiding behind catchy slogans and sly representation. The truth is, there is no easy button when it comes to getting you paid from insurance carriers and Medicare.

It takes a hands on approach and persistent dedication to account management

We Believe in Dedication

Some believe that the big national companies rates are much cheaper because of their sheer volume. In fact, they are cheaper because they do less for your practice. At Clean Claim MD, you get a dedicated account manager that squeezes every collectable dollar of every claim. In addition, any denials are vigorously investigated, fixed, and resubmitted in a timely manner. At Clean Claim MD, we know you’re good at what you do. Now, Let us get you paid for it.




Clean Claim MD was founded in   2010by Kelly Stahl. Kelly started her company when she became increasingly frustrated with other billing companies hiding behind catchy slogans and sly representation. Some people believe that the big national companies’ rates are much cheaper because of the sheer volume of clients and claims. Some billing companies offer lower rates because they are acting as a glorified clearinghouse. In fact, they are cheaper because they are doing LESS! At Clean Claim MD, you get a dedicated account manager that squeezes every collectable dollar of every claim. In addition, denials are vigorously investigated, fixed and resubmitted in a timely manner. Claims that need a formal appeal are submitted with supporting documentation including copies of contracts, State and Federal guidelines and other documentation to support the claim. We have over 100 years of combined billing and medical practice experience among our staff. This expertise is what sets us apart from other companies. WE ARE YOUR BILLING ADVOCATES!


Our Clean Claim MD Team is comprised of staff members who have several years of experience in the medical sector. Our team members are Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialists who are skilled in all aspects of the Revenue Cycle Management and some of our team members are Certified Professional Coders. They are diligent in their commitment to EXCELLENCE!

Kelly Stahl

Director of Operations

I have been in the Medical field for 20+ years. I started as a receptionist, worked as a Medical Assistant, Unit Coordinator, Office Manager, Billing Specialist, Billing Manager and an Operations Manager for a billing service. I now own my company and I can truly connect with physician offices and I can help them streamline their processes and help collect every dollar that can be collected. I am an advocate for small physician offices as well as for patients. We bill for multiple specialties which include Ambulance, OB/GYN, Urgent Care, Family Practice, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, Urology, and General Surgery. I will always perform services in the United States and will never outsource overseas.


Charity Bialczak

Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist , Senior Account Specialist

Charity Bialczak started her medical career in administrative role before moving on to medical billing.  She has over 18 years of medical billing and coding experience from a variety of medical specialties.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Associate in Medical administration, and is a Certified Medial Reimbursement Specialist (CMRS). She is responsible for the daily billing operations and maximizing client revenue.  Charity’s understanding of medical billing policies, insurance companies, HIPAA regulations and her ability to connect with patients comes from working with specialist from the Family practice, Occupational, Physical, Speech therapy, Ambulance Billing, and OB/GYN.


Margie Flanagan

Director of First Impressions

Margie is presently an Administrative Assistant and has been with Clean Claim MD for 2 years. Prior to relocating to Cincinnati Ohio she was in Portland Oregon pursuing a career in Property Management. Margie keeps our office organized and keeps all of our office supplies stocked. Margie answers phones calls and helps patients with any concerns they might have. Margie assists in getting correct demographics for our Ambulance group and our BWC patients.


Cheryl O’Toole

Certified Coder , Lead Charge Entry

Cheryl O’Toole became CCP certified in 2010 and has over 23 years of experience in medical billing field from a variety of specialties. She is Clean Claim MD’s Charge Entry Leader and is responsible for Assigning appropriate CPT, ICD-10 and/or HCPCS codes by abstracting pertinent information from patient records. Maintains current information regarding coding guidelines and reimbursement reporting requirements.  She is a member of AAPC and American Medical Billing Association.


Jessica Cliff

Account Specialist Assistant

Jessica joined the Clean Claim team in September 2015.  She is an assistant to the Account Specialist.  Her responsibilities include answering patient phone calls, researching claims and payments, filing appeals to insurance companies and charge entry.  She has an associate’s degree in Computer Networking and will be starting her Certified Coding class in August.


Geraldine Murphy

Certified Reimbursement Specialist , Senior Account Manager

Geri has 25 years’ experience in the Medical Billing field. She started her career working in two major hospitals in Cincinnati and an in large Family Group Practice. She has been working at Clean Claim MD for 6 years as a Senior Account Specialist extending her medical experience with a variety of medical specialties. Geri is responsible for the billing of BWC claims for several of our Clients. She is a Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist and a member of the American Medical Billing Association.




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